Train Song is a 7  minute train journey.


"nothing if not elusive... a strangely decorated exercise in epistemology." - Chris Priestman, KillScreen

"transcendant... like listening to some alternative, esoteric artist’s new track for the first time..." - Adam Paris, IndieStatik

" pourquoi ne serait-ce pas à nous, après tout, de choisir où mène cette locomotive?" - Pierrec, l'Oujevipo

"This is interesting. I am sure there is some secret in this game, but I can't figure it out exactly. " - Griztimqwo, GameJolt

"Materials demarcate realities–FMV turns to a paper train full of clay people... dreamlike." - Porpentine, RockPaperShotgun


Game - Llaura Dreamfeel, Dave McCabe

Sound & Music - Ronan Quigley