If Found, Please Return is the story of Kasio, a young Irish woman returning to the rural island where she grew up. The story is told through her infinitely unfolding diaries in the month before December 31st 1993, the night when she is going to erase the universe.

Running from an unlivable family experience, Kasio finds support in new friends as they reclaim a crumbling mansion on the outskirts of town. Unfortunately, keeping friends and acting human is hard when you're not sure about anything except that the world doesn't want you to exist.

In 2016 a 15 minute self contained chapter was created and exhibited at EGX Rezzed in London, the AMaze festival in Berlin and State of Play in Dublin.

In November 2016, it won three awards and a commendation in the Irish Design Awards, including an award for best Game Design, a commendation for Collaborative Design, an award for emerging talent and even the Grand Prix overall award.

Game - Llaura Ash McGee
Art - Liadh Young
Code - Tim Sabo
Production - Alexandra Day

with help from: Claire Brankin, Breogan Hackett, Aido Wall, Gareth Smyth, Eve Golden-Woods and Claire Morley