Fluc (from the Irish word 'Fliuch' meaning wet), was an interactive installation at the Fumbally Exchange in the city centre of Dublin. It was created for the Elemental Exhibition in from January 19th 2015 to February the 8th, and has been subsequently in places such as Somerset House in London from the 4th to the 6th of September 2015.

Visitors one (or even better, two) at a time would crawl inside the tent where, separated from the rest of the world, they are surrounded by soothing sounds of thunder and rainfall. Above their heads through a hole in the tent, they can see an open sky projected with rain pouring down on top of them. By using a midi controller and 18 turnable dials and faders they can manipulate the rain to create dynamic abstract art.


"somewhere between a camping trip on psychedelics and the starship enterprise".  - Julian Gough