Developer: DREAMFEEL, based in Dublin, Ireland




Founding date: 19th April, 2013


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Selected Releases:


Istanbul, Texas


Train Song


DREAMFEEL is an award-winning interactive, visual and installation artist. Her work, such as the digital experience 'CURTAIN', centers queer experiences and is noted internationally and locally for its creativity & empathy, winning awards such as AMaze Berlin's grand prize and the Writers Guild of Ireland's Best Game Script. Her games and interactive installations have been displayed in places such as Somerset House, London; Babycastles, New York; Indiecade, Los Angeles; & UC Berkeley, California. 

Liadh Young is a comic creator based in Dublin, Ireland. She graduated from the National College of Art & Design in 2015. Her work can be found at


Dreamfeel has released several highly-acclaimed games, as well as interactive art installations.


CURTAIN is an interactive first-person narrative about Kaci & Ally, two women in a Glasgow punk band, exploring the complexities of an abusive relationship. Through a vivid impressionistic art style players embody Ally, to explore the physical spaces of her relationship and how they evolve over time. CURTAIN has been highly acclaimed, and nominated for several awards.


An interactive spoken word narrative, The Infinite Notebook has been performed  at events such as Feral Vector in London, Foaming at the Mouth and Circa Words. It plays with concepts of narrative, story and scale, exploring the connections between the creator and the art they make. It is told with an infinitely zooming fractal space. As the story is performed, the projected visuals zoom closer and closer into the details, where words are contained inside words, inside words, inside words. The Infinite Notebook was shortlisted for the New Media Writing prize in 2015.


In addtion to CURTAIN and The Infinite Notebook, DREAMFEEL has made games and installations including Train Song; Istanbul, Texas; Fluc; and Bayou.

Istanbul, Texas is a music centric tale of destruction, regret and repair. 

Fluc (from the Irish word 'Fliuch' meaning wet), was an interactive installation displayed at the Fumbally Exchange in Dublin, and Somerset House in London. It lies somewhere between a camping trip on psychedelics and flying the Starship Enterprise.

Bayou is a game influenced by Japanese ink paintings, about swamps, boats, lanterns, and monsters.

Train Song is a 7  minute train journey, an existential commute created entirely from coloured paper and clay.



- Twice an IGDA Scholar

- Shortlisted for the BAFTA New Talent in Games  

- New Media Writing Prize, 2015 (shortlisted), for The Infinite Notebook

- In 2016 Institute of Designer's Ireland awarded DREAMFEEL an award for best Game Design, a commendation for Collaborative Design, an award for Emerging Talent and the overall Grand Prize for 'If Found, Please Return'.


- AMaze 2015's Grand Prize for The Most Amazing Game

- Best Game Script 2015, Writers Guild of Ireland

- Honorable mention for IGF 2015 in the categories of 'Excellence in Narrative' & 'Nuovo' (experimentation)

- Selected for Different Games 2015

- Selected for Indiecade 2014

- Selected for QGCon 2014

- Selected for numerous GOTY lists such as Chris Priestman's, Lana Polansky, Zolani Stewart, Christine Love, Isometric Podcast, and more





"[Dreamfeel] is interested in immersing herself in the material of things: of finding ways to understand the materials she works with, working with and against that grain." - Hannah Nicklin, Rock Paper Shotgun


"Curtain is less a cautionary tale and more a cathartic exploration of a terrible, complex situation. It's real-life horror, with a "monster" that's infinitely more complicated and human than anything in fiction... dreamfeel's observations are so dead-on that they broke my heart". - Danielle Riendeau, Polygon


"Istanbul, Texas is contained, not open-ended, not endless like the desert. It conforms to the structure of songs. Grief lingers, but a song ends, and there’s some comfort in that." - Alex Pieschel, Arcade Review


"Train Song makes a performance out of interpretation. Like the train, we ride the same tracks over and over, but each time we bring new knowledge and experience to the pot, which makes for a different song or understanding." - Chris Priestman, Killscreen