CURTAIN is an interactive first-person narrative about Kaci & Ally, two women in a Glasgow punk band, exploring the complexities of an abusive relationship.

Through a vivid impressionistic art style players embody Ally, to explore the physical spaces of her relationship and how it evolves in time. From the detritus players find, they can piece together the story while Kaci, your partner and inescapable narrator, watches and comments on every thought and action - creating a overwhelming, stifling atmosphere

 (cw: non-explicit themes of abuse)

- AMaze 2015's Grand Prize for The Most Amazing Game
- Best Game Script 2015, Writers Guild of Ireland
- Honorable mention for IGF 2015 in the categories of 'Excellence in Narrative' & 'Nuovo' (experimentation)
- Selected for Different Games 2015
- Selected for Indiecade 2014
- Selected for QGCon 2014
- Selected for numerous GOTY lists such as Chris Priestman's, Lana Polansky, Zolani Stewart, Christine Love, Isometric Podcast, and more

"Curtain is less a cautionary tale and more a cathartic exploration of a terrible, complex situation. It's real-life horror, with a "monster" that's infinitely more complicated and human than anything in fiction... dreamfeeel's observations are so dead-on that they broke my heart". - Danielle Riendeau, Polygon

"You know this is going to happen from the start... The trash of adolescence is all around and your relationship is just as grim". - Chris Priestman, KillScreen

 "what counts the most, is that if you don't go through all the dramatic hardships, the game will keep on running forever." - Luca Colosso, 

"Curtain is, above all, an exploration of abusive relationships.. the frailty with which we attempt to block out just the parts of people we don't like, until they are too lurid to obscure." - Chloi Rad,

"if I were @dreamfeeel’s mom and just played curtain I would be like 'wow that was really creative' " -  @kevinthr

Writing, Feel, Art, Sound - Llaura Dreamfeel

Special Thanks - John O'Kane, Alice Maz, George Buckenham, Chris Gregan, Lilith, Stephen Murphy, Liz Ryerson, Kitty Horrorshow, Dave Lordan, Charlene Putney

Midnight Cassette by Frank Nora (edited by Llaura Dreamfeel)
Occasion For War by Rations (edited by Llaura Dreamfeel)